King Cashing: Slots Adventure is a neat mashing up of slots and RPG elements

If you’ve ever been to your nearest casino, you’ll immediately feel at home in King Cashing: Slots Adventure. The game has a lot in common with your average slot machine, and adds a dash of RPG elements to spice up the experience. While King Cashing isn’t the deepest game out there in the mobile space, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth in this adventure.

The setup is simple—you are an adventurer facing off against all sorts of mythical beings to gain gold, experience and glory. The battles consist of you depositing “cherries” to spin a slot machine. The machine has three columns. In the first column are your attackers—a ranger, mage and then what appears to be “Death”. The second column is for weapons and then the third is for enemies. The objective is to have your attackers line up with the enemies on at least one row (there are three rows), and even more so is to have both the attacker and their specific weapon line up with an enemy for a critical hit.

Entering a battle costs you a specific amount of “GP” (gold pieces), and the rewards for a winning battle are usually double the amount of GP that you spent, along with a chance at getting a chest that hold new weapon or bonus items. You can also spend gold pieces to purchase new weapons and bonuses. With purchasing or using these items, there are a couple of things to consider—damage vs. appearance rate. Given that the game is primarily luck based (unless you can also catch bullets between your teeth), most weapons that do greater damage than those with a lower damage count will likely have a lower appearance rating in the slot machine. So, while one weapon might do 17 damage and another might do 22, if the 17 damage weapon appears twice as much—it is far more valuable to you in battle.

There is no story in the game to speak of. You defeat one creature then you move onto the next. You’ll encounter a number of bosses along the way, as well as “cherry eater” bosses that have far fewer enemy characters in the third column, making it far more difficult to do any damage to them. The bosses, as you can imagine, will have higher health, but the rewards for defeating them are far greater than normal enemies.

 Slots Adventure

 Slots Adventure

After you defeat the first boss, it is highly likely that you will need to grind on previous enemies to gain extra levels that make your attackers more powerful, or give you more cherries at the start of each battle. There is a built in rating system that goes from bronze to gold, which makes going back seem a bit more worthwhile if you like getting Game Center achievements. Still, if you are not a fan of grinding on enemies you’ve already defeated, you’re not going to like this particular part of the game.

At its core, there is not a whole lot on offer gameplay wise. You’re essentially playing slots over top of some basic RPG elements. That being said, there are much worst things to spend your money on. If you’re looking for a unique way to waste a couple minutes at a time, King Cashing will do just fine.