Things get grim in the latest game from Kaboom

Citizen Grim takes place in the future, but you begin in the past. Or at least that’s how it seems. Despite being set in the year 2020, at the outset you find yourself waking up in a picturesque town straight out the 1940s. Oh, and there’s also zombies. This action role playing game is coming soon from Kaboom, the developer behind Mercenaries of War, but you can get an early look here.

The game takes an episodic approach to its story, as you’ll be investigating the curiously dangerous town of Grim, all the while avoiding being eaten by its undead residents (called Reapers in the game). You’ll also be on the search for your missing brother and you’ll be able to battle it out with both computer controlled characters (including bosses) as well as other people playing the game.

Citizen Grim takes aim at the growing “mid-core” audience on Facebook, offering a deeper RPG experience wrapped in a social gaming package. This includes not only more complex game mechanics like plentiful weapons and resource gathering, but also a larger focus on story, which Kaboom describes as “akin to a Hollywood action movie.”

As far as social features go, Citizen Grim will let players both duke it out with one another and help each other out in battle. You’ll be able to recruit up to three friends as hired mercenaries who will aid you as you explore Grim, and the game also features co-operative missions of some sort.

Citizen Grim

Citizen Grim

Citizen Grim will be going into closed beta in November.