Puzzled Rabbit eats sokoban puzzles like they were carrots

Rabbits are the epitome of cuteness. These little creatures have fur that’s softer than any cloud in the sky and big ears to accentuate their unfairly cute little faces. The way they nibble their food when they eat is enough to make a grown man weep from the sever amount of adorableness.

On the other hand, they also make you want to throw your phone against the wall, burn it, curse its existence and run it over with the biggest steamroller you can steal. Those little bastards and their twisted box-pushing puzzles are going to invade your phone in Pixel Elephant’s upcoming Puzzled Rabbit. Already available on Xbox Live Indie Games and the BlackBerry Playbook, this sokoban-inspired puzzle game is heading to iOS and Android devices soon.

I’m going to assume that some of you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say it’s “sokoban-inspired”. Basically, you have a room with a bunch of crates in it that need to go to specific places. You need to move the crates around according to a specific set of rules like not being able to pull them. It’s simple but incredibly challenging and when you see the game in action it all makes sense.

Puzzled Rabbit features adorable little bunnies, moody music, almost 200 levels, and a couple different control schemes. When you finish a level, you’re rewarded with quotes from people who are way smarter than you.

It’s an old idea brought into the modern era, via a style that will be very familiar to anyone who plays games on their mobile devices. I won’t be surprised to see a lot of my friends getting pulled in by the scheming little bundles of fluff…and menace.