Jackpotjoy Slots brings more casino slots to Facebook

Casino games are not terribly uncommon on Facebook and developer iwi is adding to that collection with its own title, JackpotJoy Slots. A simple game of slots, the app’s core play isn’t anything that is terribly new. It’s slots. However, should you play long enough, there are a few bonus games that are rather entertaining and unique. Also, it is a game that plays cleanly and emulates the real deal well enough, making it fun if given to the right person.

JackpotJoy Slots is not a game that mirrors the everyday, three-part slot machine. The application is more akin to video slots in which users spin five different reels and make multiple bets. For anyone that has played video slots before, you’ll know that one of the major differences is that such machines have more than one, and sometimes even three, bet lines (the lines in which a specific set of icons must line up with order to win). Like its analog predecessors, you can make several. Here, that number is 20.

Jackpotjoy Slots

Basically, for each bet, a different line is drawn that sits across the reels. Some go straight across, while others zigzag. Should you score at least three similar icons in a row along one of these lines, you will earn a bit of coin. All that said, the more bets that you make, the more a spin will cost.

You actually start out with quite a bit of currency. As soon as you log into the game for the first time, you’ll be granted a daily bonus, thus your first play through will have several hundred coins to use. Also, as an added bonus, it is possible to change the amount that you bets. This is different than choosing the number of bet lines, in that you can actually change the “Coin Size” of a single bet. You can bet anywhere from one-quarter of a coin to two coins. That number will then be multiplied by the number of bet lines you opt for. Basically, if you make a coin size of “1” and make 20 bet lines, it will cost 20 coins.

If ever you should run out of coins, they can always be bought in-app for real world currency, or you can wait a few hours for another bonus. Since this is a social game, though, you are capable of sharing coins as a daily gift with friends, and visa versa, as well as ask for more via your Facebook wall. (Leaderboards are also supported).

With each spin of the slots, you will also earn a small amount of experience towards a new level. That said, the only thing this does is unlock new digital slot machines to play on. Each one has a distinctive them (e.g. the first one is a tropical tiki them while a later one is magician themed). The real plus, however, is that most levels have their own unique bonus game. Should you score a specific series of icons, you will enter a mini-game that can increase your earnings.

Jackpotjoy Slots

These mini-games are actually the most interesting element about JackPotJoy as they break up the monotony of clicking a single “Spin” button. That said, the play is still usually about the same. For example, the slot game of Reel Deal Diner (there are eight games in total) will take you into a game in which you have limited spins and must try to complete meals by rolling a shake, fries, and burger. There are six rows, and as the noted slots are hit they fill up with one of the three. Once a row has all three, that bonus is earned.

It might sound a little confusing, but it’s not. JackPotJoy Slots is a pretty basic game, and in truth, that’s the only significant negative that can come to mind. Even then, it is merely picking nits. As a slots game, it’s colorful and clean and feels pretty accurate in terms of feeling like video slots from a casino (save for the lack of quarters or nickels). All that said, it’s an experience that isn’t going to appeal to everyone as it is a repetitive game of only clicking a single button most of the time, and without the allure of earning real money it can get boring after a while. Nevertheless, if you’re a fan of slots or casino games in general, JackpotJoy is certainly worth a try.