Could FarmVille be coming to a big screen near you? As crazy as it sounds, there’s more of a chance than you might think. In a recent interview with IGN, Alec Sokolow and Joel Cohen – two of the four writers behind the original Toy Story – hinted that something might be in the works.

“We’re in conversations with Zynga to do something with one of their brands,” the pair told IGN. “Can’t really say too much on that front yet, but ‘Old MacDonald’ didn’t have a factory, if you get our drift.” When contacted by IGN for confirmation, Zynga didn’t deny the possibility but instead politely declined comment.

It seems crazy, but then again the Angry Birds movie seems to be rolling forward. Who knows? Maybe we’ll be harvesting crops and collecting from animals at the local cinemas before we know it.

[IGN via Touch Arcade]