Zombie Life is like real life, only with more brainssss

The drudgery of life and work can often make it feel as if you’re simply going through the motions, as if you’re little more than a mindless zombie. In Zombie Life this is literally true. You’re an actual zombie who has decided they want nothing more than to be a person. You’ll get a job, buy clothes, decorate a home, all of the normal things we humans do. Well, except for the part where you bite people. It’s a cute little game, though lacking much in the way of depth.

As with almost everyone in this world, you’ll have to start out at the bottom. Your early jobs will have you mopping floors and bagging groceries, but with a little bit of perseverance you’ll move on to better paying gigs. The money you earn can be used to buy new clothes for your zombie and furniture for your house. The game takes place in a rather small town, where you can go shopping or find new work or, uh, get some plastic surgery.

Because even though many of a zombie’s struggles are the same as a human’s, the undead still have their own unique issues. Especially when it comes to fitting in. Slowly your body will decompose, and you’ll need to freshen up with deodorant. If a human gets a whiff of your decomposed body you’ll be caught, at which point you won’t be able to do any work for a short period of time. The same goes for if you succumb to baser instincts and bite somebody. There are advantages to being found out, though, as you’ll earn extra money for the people you scare.

There are quests to take on, all of which are provided by a helpful worm who lives in your flesh. And it’s little details like this that make the game enjoyable. It’s a genuinely funny premise filled with genuinely funny moments, like the doctor who does a terrible job of hiding his undead nature or the goofy hats you’re forced to wear at work. Zombie Life‘s playful presentation doesn’t hurt, with a whimsical soundtrack and charming visuals.

Zombie Life

The problem is that there isn’t all that much to do, and what is there can be a little dull. The job mini-games require no skill or strategy, and instead amount to simply tapping on things as quickly as you can. And no matter the job they’re all pretty much the same. The ultimate goal appears to be little more than the accumulation of wealth, as everything you do is simply to earn more money to buy food, clothes, and furniture.

Of course, for a game about life, that goal isn’t too far off the mark. But it isn’t always fun. As enjoyable as the premise is, the gameplay isn’t quite as compelling. It has its moments, and many are quite funny, but the game is in dire need of some added variety. Some more varied mini-games some social features (which are likely on the way, given the developer’s history with Zombie Farm) would go a long way towards making Zombie Life a whole lot more fun than real life.