Shadowrun Online takes you to a dark world of magic and technology

Shadowrun is a long-running franchise set in a world where magic and technology co-exist. It has elements of fantasy, cyber punk, and crime, and though it began as a pen-and-paper role playing game, has since expanded to include board games, novels, video games, and more. Cliffhanger Productions is revisiting the world for an upcoming free-to-play, browser-based shooter.

The game itself will be divided into two main sections. First, there’s a map where you can team up with friends to complete missions, which let you use your magic and gun fighting skills. But in between those missions, you’ll need to gather clues and prepare, which takes place in the city where you can do everything from preparing spells to bribing guards for secrets.

Shadowrun Online will be in 3D with a fixed camera. Here’s an image of the in-progress game.

Shadowrun Online

In order to stay true to the source material, Cliffhanger is working in conjunction with both the German and American publishers of the Shadowrun franchise and has also formed a group of former writers and artists who have worked on Shadowrun who will help ensure that things stay on track.

It sounds like the game is still in a pretty early state, and so no release date has been announced for Shadowrun Online yet.