Burnout Crash! heads for a collision with the App Store

The Burnout series is one that I’ve often wondered why it hasn’t come to iOS yet. It seems like every other racing game on the App Store, from Asphalt 6 to Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, tries to echo elements of what made that franchise so great. Even Burnout Legends, the PSP release from years back, proved that the series can be just as captivating on a mobile device. Now EA has confirmed that Burnout is coming to the App Store, but it’s not quite as you might expect.

Rather than bringing a full on Burnout experience to the touch screen, EA is porting the recently released Burnout Crash!, a top-down arcade experience that recently appeared on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. Rather than offering a proper racing experience, Burnout Crash! offers a simple variation on the series much loved crash mode.

Players will collide with traffic in an attempt to create the single biggest auto accident imaginable, steering their car in mid-impact to collide with more and more vehicles, until eventually the entire city is one massive, mangled mess of steel and insurance claims.

Burnout Crash!

Burnout Crash!

There’s no word yet on how this version will differ from the home console versions, but considering the Xbox version offered Kinect controls, it seems like a transition to touch screen should be pretty easy to make happen. Expect to see three different game modes, 18 traffic junctions, six unique locations, and a soundtrack that promises both Vanilla Ice and Gloria Estafan. Beat that, Tap Tap Revenge.

We’re still a little bummed that we can’t play Burnout 3 on our iPads, but at the end of the day, Burnout Crash! looks like it might just give us reason enough to smile. Expect to see this one on the App Store sometime this holiday season.