Secret Agent X lets you live a double life on Facebook

Yesterday we were able to take an early look at Playdom’s Secret Agent X via a teaser trailer that gave a good idea of the setting, but not so much how the game will actually play. Now we finally have some details.

As revealed in the trailer, Secret Agent X is all about living a dual life. During the day you’re just a normal citizen, but at night you’re a secret agent out to thwart the efforts of SCAM (Scoundrels, Cads, and Miscreants). The daytime sequences involve helping out friends and neighbors with various problems as well as running errands, and you’ll have a cozy little home to decorate and maintain.

Secret Agent X

But every so often you’ll receive missions that will force you to go undercover as you explore different areas across the globe. And as with all secret agents, you’ll have a bevy of high tech gadgets and equipment to help you in your quests to thwart evil.

The twist is that in order to continue receiving missions, you’ll need to maintain as “normal” a life as possible. If there’s any chance that your cover has been compromised no new missions will be assigned. This should provide a nice contrast between the two distinct portions of the game.

Secret Agent X is currently in closed beta.

Save the world before making dinner in Secret Agent X

With recent hits like Gardens of Time and Gnome Town, as well as upcoming games like City of Might and the mysterious Galaxy of Wonder, Playdom is clearly pretty busy. So it was a nice surprise to learn of yet another new game soon to come from the developer in the form of Secret Agent X, revealed through a brief teaser trailer.

As is the way with teasers, we don’t know much about the game other than the basic premise: you play as a secret agent mom who has to juggle keeping the city safe from harm and keeping a hot meal on the table every night. Talk about busy.

As for what type of game Secret Agent X is, that’s still unclear. But the game is currently in closed beta on Facebook so it (hopefully) shouldn’t be too long before we hear some more news.