Zynga wants you to spend a day at the zoo

Zynga has dabbled in a lot of social gaming staples over the last few years – and heck, they’ve been responsible for popularizing half of them – but the one place Zynga hasn’t made a stop before is the zoo. That’s all about to change though with the upcoming Dream Zoo for mobile platforms.

Not a great deal is known about the game just yet, not do we know how it is going to differ from other zoo games on the mobile market like Tap Zoo or Tiny Zoo Friends, but a new trailer and some images have surfaced that should give players a taste of what to expect when the game eventually lands in your pocket.

Dream ZooDream ZooDream ZooDream Zoo

Dream ZooDream ZooDream Zoo

There’s a great deal of charm and personality in the images released by Zynga earlier today – definitely a good sign for the future. The trailer is promising wild and crazy animals, like “a cherry giraffe with lemon swirls,” more than a thousand varieties of animals, breeding, and social interaction where you can clean and feed your friend’s animals. But still, a quick trailer and screens aren’t much to go on – at least not until some real information surfaces.

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