Ravenwood takes to the skies with Ravenskye City

Many of us are still waiting for Ravenshire Castle, the follow-up to Ravenwood Fair that 6waves Lolapps teased back in June. But while that game has yet to be released, the world of Ravenwood is still expanding with the launch of another game set in the same universe, Ravenskye City.

Instead of building and maintaining a fair, as in the original game, Ravenskye City has you restoring an ancient city in the sky. The gameplay looks to be largely similar, though in a new setting and with plenty of mysteries to uncover, just like in the subterannean Ravenwood expansion Ravenstone Mine. You can view the debut teaser trailer below.

According to the game’s Facebook page, it should be launching today, though we weren’t able to get the game to launch just yet.

Stay tuned to Gamezebo for our in-depth review coming soon.