Top Eleven, the soccer management game that recently surpassed FIFA Superstars as the biggest sports game on Facebook, will be getting its biggest update yet starting next week. Top Eleven 2.0, as it’s being called, will bring with it new features and an updated interface.

Among the new features are an enhanced training mode that gives you greater control over your players, letting you do everything from focusing a player’s training on a certain skill to teaching them a new position all together.

The finace portion of the game has also been updated, letting you choose sponsors to earn some extra income. In an interesting twist, you can select sponsors based on the way you play. Some will give you a set amount of income each day, while others will reward you for checking into the game regularly.



“These changes make Top Eleven even more life-like by bringing in more decisions to keep managers thinking and on their toes,” said Branko Milutinovic, CEO of developer Nordeus. “Previously, on-the-pitch strategies were the main way in which players could stamp their identity on their team. Now it’s possible to strategize the running of managers’ club across the entire game.”

In addition to the new features, the game’s interface has also been redesigned to be streamlined and much more intuitive. We’ve had the chance to play around with the closed beta and the redesigned UI is definitely a big improvement.

The new and improved version of Top Eleven is expected to go live on October 10.