Pet Tales

Pet Tales is a fun new Facebook game from Rivet Games that lets you adopt a cat or a dog, take care of them, and help them make friends. There’s also a park to decorate and maintain and quests to venture out on. While it can get repetitive at times, Pet Tales is also a lot of fun.

When you begin the game you will get to choose whether you would like to adopt a kitten or a puppy. This will be your new companion and it will be up to you to keep them happy and well cared for. Before your pet will be willing to play you will need to feed and water it and give it some attention.

Pet Tales

Once your pet’s basic needs have been met it’s time to let them roam around in your park, which you can decorate to be a virtual paradise for visiting animals. You can also purchase toys to entertain your animals, and you’ll need to maintain your park, keeping it clean and weed free. Don’t worry though, your pet will be able to help you with that.

As someone who owns two cats, I would like to say the animals in Pet Tales are a lot more helpful than the ones currently shedding all over my furniture. For one thing, your adopted pet can help you maintain your park by raking leaves and weeding. I wish my cats could be helpful like that; instead they seem to create more messes for me to clean up.

Your park will also attract visiting pets for your pet to play with and your pet can interact with the other animals in the park to increase their confidence level. When you fill your confidence meter you can send your pet on a play date with another friend’s pet. You can also take your pet to visit your friend’s parks and interact with other pets there.

Pet Tales

As your pet levels up you will unlock new features. The game is full of quests to help you level up, and once you reach a high enough level you will unlock the world map. The world map allows you to travel to new locations and complete more complicated quests. Your pet will need to search through mazes and help other pets complete tasks. It does seem a bit out of place in a pet adoption game, but it’s fun and adds a new dimension to the gameplay, especially since cleaning your park over and over again can become repetitive.

Pet Tales is a fun game, and is a bit more realistic than some of the other pet games out there (aside from the fact that pets that can rake leaves). It is a little odd that the cats and dogs are all the same size, but then again one of my cats is larger than a small dog…so maybe it isn’t so strange after all.