Herotopia is becoming Hallotopia, as October ushers in a new wave of Halloween-themed content for the virtual world.

In preparation for the spookiest of all holidays, the game will be receiving a range of new customization options, letting players don everything from a hat that looks like candy corn to a helmet made from a pumpkin. There are dozens in total, all of which can be purchased now from the Spooktique found in the New York map.


There’s also an all-new mini-game for those venturing through the Gargoyle Square district in Paris, in which players can spin a wheel for a chance to win prizes. And for “all access” players, nine new experience levels have been added, along with new superpowers and vehicles, including the ability to turn into a dragon or ride around on a flying carpet.

In addition to in-game content, Herotopia has also just launched its own store where players can pick up game-themed clothing items.