Aiko Island sends players on the hunt for cookies later this month

Don’t you just hate it when, after a long day, all you want is a delicious cookie and you find out that some unwanted guests have stolen all your precious nibblets? That’s just what happened to the Blue Aikos (adorable, fuzzy creatures who populate the lush wilderness of Aiko Island). They’ve discovered that that their cookie supply has run off with the island’s Red Aikos. This is totally unacceptable, so the Blue Aikos are determined to get the cookies back, no matter how crazy the scenarios they find themselves in become.

Aiko Island is an upcoming physics puzzler where players have to take out the Red Aikos using a wide variety of tools like ropes, cannons, and explosions (to name a few) across 125 different levels, and the developers at IceFlame are working to bring more levels to the game in the future. Aiko Island will afford players the freedom to choose their own level progression, based on a map full of forking paths.

Meanwhile, the game’s bright colorful graphics are designed to work with the Retina display and will even contain a “High Contrast Mode” for players who are colorblind.

The game will also feature a surprising number of extras, including a soundtrack by veteran video game musician Sean Beeson and online compatibility that will let friends compete with each other over the Web via speed-run results.

Aiko Island is due out for iOS devices on October 13th.