Where’s My Water? proves that playing with alligators is good, clean fun

Remember all of those rumors about how there are alligators living in the sewers? It turns out they’re all true. But the alligators don’t actually want to crawl out of your toilet and eat you; quite the opposite. In fact, all these scaly guys are really trying to do is get clean. At least, that’s what I’ve learned from Disney’s new iOS physics puzzler, Where’s My Water? Oh, and that there’s very little that’s more fun than playing with alligators on a regular basis.

The basic premise of Where’s My Water? is based around the aforementioned urban legend. Essentially, there’s an entire colony of alligators living in the sewers beneath a city. One of the reptiles, Swampy, loves taking showers, but the pipes to the tub seem to constantly be breaking down. As a result, it’s up to players to dig trenches through the earth and direct the water down to the broken pipes, which gives Swampy the water he needs to get squeaky clean.

Digging through the dirt is incredibly easy. All players have to do is drag their fingers across the screen and a path opens up wherever the finger touches. Along the way players have to direct the (usually finite) supply of water so it flows through a number or rubber duckies; collecting these duckies unlocks new collections of levels. All of this works incredibly well, and digging the pathways actually proves to be both challenging and fun without ever feeling repetitive.

Of course, getting the water to the pipes quickly becomes more challenging. Hazards like puddles of bleach, mold (which will grow when it come into contact with water), and empty spots where water can wind up pouring off the map are just a few of the problems that have to be overcome. As a result, players have to figure out how to get rid of things like first two and avoid problems like the third. The realistic physics make these little brainteasers incredibly fun to play through, and it doesn’t take long to get completely hooked on Where’s My Water?

Where's My Water? Where's My Water?

Of course, the game’s production values help make things fun, too. The graphics are particularly great, featuring crisp and cartoon-like visuals that look like something out of… well, out of a Disney cartoon. Seriously, each level looks great, and the occasional cut scenes are pretty stunning to look at (not to mention funny to watch). The music is also excellent, filling the background with catchy little tunes that don’t really grow old.

Where’s My Water? is one of those rare gems that manages to get everything right. It’s clever and goofy and charming. On top of that, the game is surprisingly addictive. Anyone who enjoys physics puzzle titles would be out of their mind to miss picking this up.