Rocket Claw sets its space harvesting sights on the iPhone October 6th

It’s not easy being space robot C.L.A.W.D. (Clamping Long-Arm Winch Device). Not only does he have to rescue astronauts who are stuck floating helplessly through space and harvest “space crystals” (just you wait, these things are going to be huge when they hit jewelry stores across the galaxy), but now he has to fight aliens, too. Thankfully he’ll have your help, as you’ll be directing him in Rocket Claw, a soon-to-be released iPhone game from Fugazo.

Rocket Claw is a tap-interface game that stars C.L.A.W.D., the aforementioned robot, as he drifts through open areas of space. Along the way, players have to tap on the screen to get the robot’s winch arm to grab or attack different things on the screen. There’s a ton of human astronauts who have to be rescued (or, depending how you look at it, abducted) as they float on by, as well as giant space crystals that are also collected before they drift off-screen; once enough have been accumulated, the crystals can be spent on upgrades like the Big Claw and the Defense Drone.

However, C.L.A.W.D. also has some very real threats to face; as the great Doctor McCoy once said, “space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence.” As a result, the robot has to take out hazards like aliens, comets, and more; you can see a little of this in the game’s trailer.

Rocket Claw Rocket Claw

Fugazo’s last iPhone game was the delightful Dream Skate, which featured some lovely production values and wonderful gameplay. It’s looking like Rocket Claw might be the next great title from the developer when it’s released on October 6th.