FlipShip brings it’s challenging, tilt-driven gameplay to the App Store next week

Do you often find yourself playing iPhone games and missing the glory days of video arcades, where your only goal was to rack up the highest score possible? Well, good news: FlipShip is on the way and it looks like it’ll fill that particular whole in your heart, letting you rack up massive amounts of points while simultaneously providing you with insanely challenging gameplay.

FlipShip is a soon-to-be-released top down shooter that appears incredibly stylish. Visually, the game looks rather familiar, demonstrating graphical elements similar to those found in Geometry Wars. However the top-down glowing shapes are the only real similarity between the two games.

Players tilt the iPhone to move their ship towards enemies of the same color; the ship’s automatic firing feature will do all the hard work from there. Meanwhile, enemy ships of the opposite color also need to be destroyed, and each opponent taken out results in an increased combo level which nets players a progressively higher score. However, the score isn’t actually saved until players “flip” by tapping on the screen.

Flipping changes the player ship to its opposite color and changing which enemies are now an active threat. While the score is saved when this action is performed, the combo level is reset to zero, so it’s expected that players will want to keep attacking dangerous enemies for as long as possible before they flip.

FlipShip has some impressive development talent behind it. ByteSize Games was started up by ex-Insomniac Games (of Ratchet & Clank fame) developer Thomas Hoeg. Honestly, it’s not terribly surprising to see he’d be involved in a title that’s simultaneously so stylish and creative. ByteSize Games has also revealed that it’ll be releasing a free version of the game, FlipShip Lite. This version of the game will give players one life to flip for the highest score possible.



The game is set to launch on September 27th, and based on the gameplay trailer, this looks like it might be one of the coolest titles to hit the App Store this year.