Pig Curling slides onto the App Store September 29th

I feel like a hipster saying this, but as an American, I was into the Canadian past time of curling way before it was cool a couple of winter Olympics ago. After routinely coming home late from my old job I would flip channels on the TV and come across this weird thing at 3 o’clock in the morning where people were brushing the ice and shouting while a big stone slowly made its way to a target at the other end. It was like some Alaskan version of shuffle board, and needless to say, I was completely hooked.

Fast forward a bunch of years and a few Olympics and now everyone and their mother thinks curling is the bomb. The best part about this? An influx of curling video games.

As someone who has tried curling in real life, I’ve always found attempts at curling video games slightly lacking something. Maybe this sport doesn’t translate well to a “sim” style attempt. Brazillian devs CEMG Apps have stepped up to the ice and are giving us Pig Curling, their take on the wild world of curling, coming soon for iOS devices.

Pig Curling Pig Curling

They’re replacing all the stones with seven different types of pigs and offering different surfaces and various obstacles to add a little pizzazz to their swine-based take on things. Players will try their hands at 40 different levels as they work their way around obstacles like pins, steel rails, and more. All the social network integration you’d expect is included: Twitter, Facebook and Game Center will allow you to show off your pig-sliding skills.

We’ve got a review in the works, so be sure to keep your brooms at the ready for when Pig Curling comes slipping and sliding out onto the App Store on September 29th.