GameHouse heads to the bayou with upcoming Facebook game

Following the success of Collapse Blast, GameHouse is returning to Facebook and this time the developer is bringing fireflies. The upcoming Bayou Blast is another matching game, but this time you play as a brave firefly out to save his glowing friends from the evil voodoo frog.

Here’s the description straight from GameHouse:

“With the sun setting over the swamp, the cute little fireflies are out parading their nightly carnival of lights. As darkness falls, a strange chant emanates from the voodoo frog’s shack but it suddenly stops as he realizes that fireflies are needed to continue his spell. That’s not a problem he thinks, since there are many readily available. He proceeds to collect them all but one manages to escapeā€¦ one courageous little bugger who vows to rescue his friends.”

Bayou Blast

The game itself has players matching together strings of colorful gems and, like Collapse Blast, players will be able to use a variety of power-ups along the way. Everything from bombs to cat fish. And as with most puzzle-arcade games on Facebook, Bayou Blast will also feature weekly leaderboards so that you can compete with your friends, and game sessions will be limited to one minute just like in Bejeweled Blitz.

Bayou Blast is set to launch on Facebook around late October, early November.