Squishy’s Revenge will have you sliding monsters on mobile devices September 29th

When people think of mobile gaming, they tend to think of the iPhone, the Android, maybe even the 3DS and PSP… but the Nook? And yet the Nook, an e-reader by Barnes & Noble, is exactly where Squishy’s Revenge was born.

Described by the developers as something of a sliding puzzle/god game hybrid, Squishy’s Revenge is an upcoming puzzle game for Android and iOS that was initially made available to Nook gamers back in June under the name Monster Slider. It may not be the most popular place to launch a mobile game, but it’s also something of smart move. In a recent interview with Pocket Gamer, Toy Studio’s studio director Christian Arca said they decided to go with Nook first “to get a sense of what people thought, almost like market research.” Once they felt they had a hit on their hands, the decided it was time to polish it up and bring it to a wider audience.

The game tells the story of Squishy, a cute little monster whose world is slowly being replaced by “The Evil City.” You won’t have any direct control over Squishy – that’s the “god game” vibe shining through – instead you’ll control the world beneath his feet. This is done by sliding tiles, some of which have arrows on them. You’ll want to push these arrows in place so that they direct Squishy to let his monstrous side loose all over the buildings that are popping up in his beloved homeland.

Over on the Barnes & Noble website, one of the Toy Studio folks whipped up an interesting behind the scenes look at the game, showcasing how the prototype was made from things around the office. For example, these “sliding tiles” are arrows cut from paper and tiles from the board game Zombies!!!;

Squishy's Revenge

They also took the game to a local coffee shop to see what people thought before releasing it on the Nook;

Cute characters and sliding tiles could definitely be a winning combination for puzzle fans, so we’re looking forward to seeing how Monster Slider turns out. Expect this one to hit Android and iOS devices next Thursday, September 29th.