RockYou tackles real-time strategy with Galactic Allies

A few months after the release of the sci-fi trade and combat game Galactic Trader, Australian developer 3 Blokes was acquired by social games publisher RockYou. Now the first fruits of that acquisition are beginning to show, with the announcement of Galactic Allies, a 3D real time strategy game that features player-versus-player combat and a huge galaxy to explore.

The developers describe the game as a more casual take on the traditional RTS experience, with asynchronous multiplayer combat, in which players have control over individual units, with upgradabes available for ships and weapons.

Galactic Allies will also be very focused on story, with an episodic narrative that features a variety of characters and missions and centers around the exploration of a large sci-fi universe.

But despite the similarity in names, Galactic Allies actually doesn’t have any connection to Galactic Trader.

Galactic Allies is set in a brand new universe, with a new story, new characters, new art, and a completely new combat system,” 3 Blokes’ John Passfieldtold Gamezebo. “Fans of Galactic Trader and new players alike will find a new experience to surprise and delight them.”

Stay tuned to Gamezebo for our full interview with Passfield featuring more details on the game.