Monstermind is CityVille with giant apes and zombies

There are plenty of options if you want a Facebook game that lets you build a sparkling metropolis. But what if you want to let loose zombies and giant apes in neighboring towns? Well, then there’s realy only one option: Monstermind. If CityVille was crossed with a classic monster movie, it would look a lot like this.

When the game begins, you’re charged with taking controlling of a fledgling little town beseiged by monsters. Giant apes, zombie hordes, towering robots, you name it. It actually feels a bit like the opening moments of Empires & Allies, as you rebuild destroyed homes and businesses and then set to work on growing the town. But the difference is the attacks don’t stop coming. In Monstermind you and your friends can attack one another by sending terrifying monsters to wreak havoc in each other’s towns.

So in addition to houses with white picket fences and hot dog stands, you’ll also need to build turrets, tanks, and sandbags to help defend against the iminent attack of monsters. You’ll get a warning when an attack is incoming, giving you some time to prepare. And when it comes to dishing out the attacks, you simply purchase a monster and then place it in your friend’s town. The monster will then travel in a straight line destroying everything in its path, and won’t stop either until it’s reached the city limits or your friend’s defences have managed to take it down.

The gameplay is definitely fun, and a nice twist on the now all-too-common city building theme. Monstermind also does a great job of incorporating classic B-movie elements found in monster movies. You’ll get to watch brief, black-and-white animated sequences each time you take on a mission and the music, especially, does an incredible job of capturing that feel. There’s also plenty of humor in the game, such as a giant robot that quite clearly resembles the mascot of a certain game blog.

Monstermind is currently in open beta, so you can head on in and check it out for yourself. There are some bugs, and we were forced to restart the game several times while playing. Still if city building with a side of scary monsters sounds like your cup of tea, you should definitely give it a play.

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