Coco Girl allows for a lot of creativity, if you can save up enough money to build the ultimate wardrobe

If you fondly remember playing dress-up or playing with paper dolls as a child, Coco Girl may just be the game for you. Coco Girl is a fashion game on Facebook in which you create an avatar, buy clothes and accessories, and then allow other players to rate your avatar’s look. Along the way you can earn rubies and hearts to unlock new clothes so that you can create some truly unique looks.

When you first start the game you won’t have very many clothes so you’ll need to make a trip to Coco Shops, the in-game shopping center. Here you will be able to find everything from pajamas to high fashion looks. If that doesn’t satisfy you, you can visit the Coco Cargo ship and order exclusive items from their catalogue. These items are more expensive and take several days to arrive to your room.

Coco Girl

Once you have built up your wardrobe a bit, it’s time to create your first daily look. You’ll want to make your avatar look her best because other players will be able to rate her look. The higher your rating the more rubies you can earn. If you create a daily look for multiple days in a row you can earn special rewards such as hearts.

There is no energy in Coco Girl so you can play for as long as you’d like. There also is no leveling system. The goal in the game is to create the best looks and be able to purchase the higher end clothing, not to gain experience and level up. You unlock higher quality content by completing quests and earning different colored hearts. Some things also need to be unlocked by having a certain number of friends and/or invites.

In addition to creating your daily look, you can also create quest looks. You will be given a venue and you will want to create a look that’s appropriate for it. This look will appear to other players so they can give it a thumbs up or thumbs down through the fashion expert.

The fashion expert is where a lot of the social aspects of the game comes into play. You will be shown daily looks and quest looks from all the players in the game and you can rate different looks, choose which looks you think look best, and give quest looks your approval (or disapproval). This means you will want to be sure to put some thought into your outfits. You don’t want all the other players to see your avatar in her undergarments, now do you?

Coco Girl

When you’re tired of creating new looks or rating other people’s looks, you can head over to the Coco Carnival to play some games. Playing games will earn you tickets and unlock exclusive items that can only be bought at the carnival. The mini-games you can play are pretty simple and become repetitive pretty quickly, but hopefully this area of the game will grow in future updates.

There is also the Coco Market where you can purchase items other players are selling and where you can sell your old clothes and accessories. The prices are set by the seller though, and some items are going for a lot of rubies. It might take some time to earn enough rubies to shop in the market.

Coco Girl won’t appeal to everyone, but it definitely has a lot of content and appears to be adding more on a regular basis. If playing paper dolls still sounds fun or nostalgic, you might want to check this one out.