As one of the bigger players in the freemium market, it’s always nice to see what’s up Glu’s sleeve. It turns out, they have four big releases planned for the coming quarter, and as with previous releases, it looks like they have a little something for everybody. But enough chatter – let’s see what’s next from the house of Glu!

Contract Killer: Zombies – Remember Contract Killer? Sure you do. It was that nifty blending of first-person sniper and Mafia Wars styles of gameplay. It looks like your inner sniper is back for seconds… but this time you’re trying to save humanity from a zombie apocalypse!

From Glu: “Save the remnants of humanity by infiltrating zombie-infested areas, stocking up on supplies, rescuing civilians and ushering them to safe zones, while shooting every zombie in your path!”


Boo Town – Think CityVille if everyone in CityVille was dead, but with a Casper level of cuteness. Could this do for city-builders what Ghost Harvest did for farming games?

From Glu: “Cute, friendly ghosts roam this special town in the afterlife. Players build houses and shops, decorate the town, and harvest crops to keep the people happy. Happy towns will fill up with famous ghosts!”


Rogue Racing – Do you feel a “need for speed?” Is your love for “Asphalt” tied directly into your “Adrenaline”? If you’re enough of a racing fan to get my not so subtle puns, chances are this is one you’re going to want to put on your radar. It’s custom car racing, and it’s freemium. That’s a tough combo to beat.

From Glu: “Enter an intense, hyper-real international racing competition. Create the ultimate, personalized muscle car: Asian tuner, Euro import, or Hot Rod. Play against AI racers in a dynamic Arcade mode; then take on friends or other players in the unique multiplayer Challenge mode.”


Toy Village – The second city-building game in the line-up, we can’t help but wonder if someone in the Glu offices has a secret passion for Pixar movies. Bug Village had a real tinge of A Bug’s Life to it, and Toy Village doesn’t feel too thematically different from Toy Story. But I digress.

From Glu: “Help these nostalgic toys from your past build a new village to call their home. Build wondrous houses and cute shops made from left over toy parts. Earn lots of boodle to buy fantastic structures to customize your toys’ new neighborhood. Fanciful foods await your green thumb. Help the toys grow crops of play food to feed the growing community.”


At this point, Glu is only prepared to give us a little tease of each game. Should any of these pique your interest be sure to visit their game pages right here on Gamezebo and follow them. If anything more substantial surfaces we’ll be sure to whip up a preview and let you know everything we find out about these upcoming games!