Hamster Cannon… now that’s a name we can get behind

OK. I surrender. You’re in my head and you know exactly how to make me pay attention. All my weaknesses are exposed now, thanks to you, Big Blue Bubble. You’ve gone and named a game “Hamster Cannon”. Hamster Cannon. Take that one in, let it breathe. Feel that? Yeah. Me too. Feels like awesome.

The wonderfully-named Hamster Cannon is a physics-based puzzle game where…

HAMSTER CANNON! Man, do I love that name. Anyway…

It’s a physics-based puzzle game where you need to collect Golden Noms (*swoon*). You’ll select three different hamsters out the available eight whose special abilities will combine to bounce and break through walls to get to all those delicious Noms. Different surfaces on the board will make each hamster react differently, and all the points accumulated will be put towards unlocking upgrades.

Hamster Cannon Hamster Cannon

The hamsters look like they’re gonna have a bit of an attitude, kind of like Ubisoft’s Raving Rabbids series. There’s Elvis Hamster, Pope Hamster, Stunt Hamster, etc. (Not their “official” names, just what I’m calling them from looking at an early promo image).

Hopefully this game turns out to be more than another variation on the Angry Birds theme, but so long as it packs all the punch and snark that it’s name and description implies, I’ll be fully on board with that.