As The Sims Social sails to the top of the charts on Facebook, six other games from Playfish aren’t doing quite as well. In fact, games like My Empire and Hotel City are doing so poorly that the developer will be shutting them down by the end of this month.

Joining those two games will be Who Has The Biggest Brain?, Geo Challenge, Word Challenge, and Bowling Buddies, all of which will officially go offline on September 30. The top performer from the six games is Hotel City, which currently boasts 1.375 million monthly active users and just over 100,000 daily active users.

“Regretfully, those games are no longer performing at a level at which we can continue to support them,” the developer explained in a forum post. “As such, we made a decision to reallocate development resources to other Playfish games to ensure a continuation of the best gameplay experience possible.

“Playfish deeply values all of its game players and is dedicated to offering the most fun and engaging experiences across all of our current and future titles.”

This news follows a similar announcement in April, in which three games were shut down, including Pirates Ahoy and Gangster City.

In addition to the release of The Sims Social, Playfish has also recently moved into mobile gaming, creating iOS versions of both Restaurant City and Pet Society.