There are certain truths in life. The sky is blue. Coffee sure tastes swell after a restless night of non-sleep. And Zynga rules the charts when it comes to Facebook games.

Well, looks like The Sims Social really is a contender. As of today, The Sims Social has over-taken FarmVille to become the second most popular game on Facebook in terms of daily active users (DAU’s).

According to AppData (which as I always mention, is just a script that saves the data directly off of Facebook, which is probably not entirely accurate), The Sims Social boasts 9.3 million DAU’s, more FarmVille’s 8.1 million DAU’s.

This is still far behind CityVille, Zynga’s and Facebook’s number one game, which attracts 14 million DAU’s.

As points out, The Sims Social is in 4th place in terms of monthly average users, with 34.3 million MAUs, so they have a way to go.

Having said that, the numbers behind The Sims Social are impressive given that the game is still buggy, Electronic Arts has not yet gone crazy on advertising, and the game does not have the advantage of a huge user base across multiple games as any Zynga games do at launch.

This may be an irrelevant point as Zynga is in the midst of launching its new game, Adventure World. The fact I am reporting as news that there a game on successful as Zynga’s games on Facebook suggests how successful Zynga is on Facebook.

But, it is ironic in a way for Electronic Arts. EA just spent over a billion dollars to buy PopCap Games to figure out “freemium” and “social.” Looks like they figured this social thing out with The Sims Social already.