Bunny Shooter will give you a serious taste for rabbit

As far as names go, Bunny Shooter doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. It’s the kind of name that the average person would simply skim over while browsing simply because it’s so generic, so boring. To skim over this particular release, however, would be a dire shame on your part.

Bunny Shooter may not have the greatest name, but it’s definitely fun. There are elements of the mighty Angry Birds in there, coupled with more puzzle-styled elements and, as you’d expect, plenty of bunnies. Great as a time waster, and with the potential to grow into one of the most recognised games on mobile platforms.

Bunny Shooter

Over 60 levels you’re given a bow and arrow, and a landscape full of pink rabbits. They’ve stolen your prized carrot, and you want it back. The solution? To shoot them all with your arrows of doom, or hit other items in the levels in order to cause a chain reaction that eventually leads to the bunnies’ demise.

Levels come in two different styles. The first is similar to the aforementioned Angry Birds – in these levels, it’s a case of trying to cause as much destruction as possible, with boxes, bowling balls and dynamite falling all over the place and hopefully catching those bunnies in the crossfire.

While these are entertaining enough, the more interesting levels are those which throw in puzzle elements. It may not be possible to directly shoot a bunny, or there may be more bunnies than you have arrows. In these situations, it’s usually possible to use the surrounding items, coupled with a bit of physics, to take the bunnies down.

For example, shooting a bowling ball in a particular direction may cause it to roll down a hill, knocking a bunny out and releasing dynamite attached to a balloon. From there, you can shoot the balloon to drop the dynamite exactly where you need to. Working out the best way to complete a level is always great fun.

Each level has a star rating at the end depending on how many arrows you used – again, similar to Angry Birds. Completing a level via random firing is all well and good, but you’ll soon be back to find that elusive solution that will get you the full three stars.

What’s really nice is that if you fire off your first arrow and realize it hasn’t gone exactly where you wanted, there’s a button in the corner which will automatically restart the level with barely any pause or faffing around.

Bunny Shooter

Our only real gripe is that you can only ever play one new level, with all levels after than locked until you pass that one. Hence, if you’re finding a particular level gruelling, there’s no way to skip it and play past it. It would have been better if, say, three new levels were open at all times.

The game also only comes with 60 levels, which you can easily blast through in an hour. However, more levels are promised to a total of 180, and all for free, so once they’re all released this will be a pretty meaty game.

Bunny Shooter is a great distraction that’s perfect for both quick five-minute plays and long commutes. Grabbing those three star scores will keep you going for weeks, and hopefully by that point, they’ll be even more levels to play!