Nexon heads to the sea in Wonder Cruise

Nexon’s first fray into Facebook gaming, MapleStory Adventures, covered relatively familiar territory. But its next game is very different. Instead of a role playing game where you’ll be hacking away at never ending streams of enemies, Wonder Cruise gives you the simple goal of managing a cruise ship. And even though it’s in early beta, the game is shaping up to be something rather unique.

You’ll be able to send your ship to port towns all over the world, with new locations unlocking as you gain experience. Once you load your ship full of goods and set sail, the game becomes about keeping your passengers happy, which is a rather simple affair. Each trip lasts a certain amount of time, the duration of which you’ll be watching over passengers loitering about the deck.

Wonder Cruise

When a passenger needs something, such as, say, they want to relax or socialize, you simply click on them and select the option to fulfill that need. This will keep happening over the course of the trip. Curiously, though, the game uses an energy system so if you run out before the timer is done you won’t be able to help anymore passengers.

The more people you help the better your reward will be, and you’ll also be able to spin a Wheel of Fortune-style wheel to win prizes after each trip. You can also, of course, customize the ship by purchasing enhancements like a hot tub.

Wonder Cruise

Wonder Cruise may play quite differently compared to other Nexon games, but it sports the same great visual style as games like MapleStory. Only instead of a fantasy world, the game takes place on a cruise ship. But the colorful, detailed, anime-inspired visuals are still on display, and they look great.

You can play the beta of Wonder Cruise on Facebook now.