Collect two of every animal in Noah’s Ark

Religious-themed Facebook games continue to hit Facebook, and the latest comes via Making fun. Much like Journey of Moses, Noah’s Ark takes a familiar biblical tale and turns it into a social gaming experience.

The game follows Noah as he attempts to build and populate his ark with two of every animal, and so the game will have players attempting to gather animals, keeping them fed and sheltered, and even planting crops and chopping wood.

Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark

During its beta period Noah’s Ark managed to attract 40,000 daily players.

Noah’s Ark demonstrates our commitment to bringing new and different games to market,” Making Fun CEO and co-founder John Welch said of the game’s launch. “We hope that people from all walks of life enjoy playing Noah’s Ark. We approached the project with a great deal of reverence toward the subject matter and high standards for the game’s development to ensure that it was really fun to play.”

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