Happy Hills battle gloomy blocks on September 15th

If only the whole world could have been formed from Bob Ross’ imagination. We’d have happy little trees here and burnt sienna-colored everything as far as the eye can see. While that remains little more than a nice fantasy, there seems to be something of that spirit in the Happy Hills. And while they might not look like something from the legendary public-broadcasting artist, this colorful puzzle game would definitely please his sensibilities.

The Happy Hills live in the land of Euphoria and all is well until the nasty Gloom Blocks show up to ruin everyone’s good time by showering the Happy Hills with their heads. It’s your job to free the Happy Hills by strategically placing bombs to remove the Gloom Blocks’ heads. You have a limited number of bombs to work with and the Gloom Blocks are made of different shapes and materials, reacting to the bombs uniquely.

Chimera Entertainment, the folks behind Demolition Dash, have teamed up with dreamfab to release Happy Hills next week to iOS devices. Featuring over 70 levels spread out over two areas at launch, this puzzle game already has future content in the works. A third area with over 30 more levels is being developed as we speak.

Happy Hills

Happy Hills

Happy Hills has a lot in common with the ever-popular Angry Birds. A similar colorful art style and familiar trial and error gameplay are both here. The puzzles are all physics-based and reward stars for doing better on each level. GameCenter and Open Feint support are included for those interested in competing for online bragging rights to their friends.

Look for your chance to free the Happy Hills when it pops up in the App Store for all your iOS devices on September 15th for the low low price of free.