Explore Zynga’s biggest game yet with the first details for Adventure World

After teasing us all with a brief trailer earlier in the week, Zynga has finally released some details and a plethora of screens for Adventure World. It’s being described as “the largest, most-feature rich game Zynga has ever released at launch,” and includes a number of features never before seen in a Zynga game.

Adventure World will be the first release from Zynga’s Boston development studio, which is made up of developers from Conduit Labs and Floodgate Entertainment. And it’s big, Like, really big. Zynga claims that Adventure World is 40 times larger than past games, and includes more than 200 quests spread out across 30 maps. Overall there will be five worlds to explore in the game: the deep jungle, mountain, cavern, volcano, and the El Dorado.

Adventure World

Adventure World

When the game begins you’re en route to Central America where you’ll join up with the Adventure Society in order to find El Dorado, the lost city of gold. There’s combat and puzzles in addition to exploration, and you’ll be able to use a wide range of tools — from machetes to dynamite to grappling hooks — to help you on your way. You’ll also have a 3D avatar that’s fully customizable.

As for social features, you’ll be able to form a crew of up to a dozen Facebook friends who can aid you in your adventure.

Adventure World

Adventure World

Adventure World will be launcing in eight different languages (English, French, Italian, German, Turkish, Norweigan, Portugese, and Spanish) and is listed as “coming soon.” You can follow its progress here at Gamezebo and via the game’s Facebook page.

Zynga sets its sites on adventure with Adventure World

Zynga has announced its latest release and, just like Empires & Allies, it eschews the developer’s trademark “Ville” branding. Adventure World looks to be a treasure hunting adventure game in the same vein as Legend Hunter or the upcoming Cloudforest Expedition, in which you play as an Indiana Jones-style character. We don’t have many details, but we do have a teaser trailer.

The debut teaser, as revealed on the game’s just launched Facebook page, shows off some of the environments you’ll be able to explore, including a volcano, forest, and what looks to be an Ancient Egypt-inspired temple. Have a look for yourself.

In addition to the adventuring there will be puzzle solving and, of course, social features that let you play with friends. Though the trailer says “Play Today!” the game isn’t currently live. Stay tuned to Gamezebo for more details on Adventure World as they come up.