If you’re a fan of Facebook gaming and you happen to own an iPad, iSwifter has been a must own app for a few months now. A streaming service not unlike Onlive or Netflix, iSwifter has made Facebook gaming possible on the iPad despite Apple’s lack of support for Flash. Now the folks at iSwifter are starting to think about the future – and it’s a future that includes Google+.

Available for download now, iSwifter 4.1 will allow users to access all of the Flash-based games on the Google+ network. “”Not only does bringing Google+ Games to iPads give users a larger library of social games to choose from,” says iSwifter co-founder Rajat Gupta, ” it also benefits developers because, regardless of which social network their users prefer, developers now have access immediately to a rapidly growing, new mobile distribution channel through iSwifter.”


The iSwifter team aren’t the only folks thinking about Google+ Games – here at Gamezebo, we’ve recently added a Google+ channel as well! Be sure to check it out if Google+ gaming is your next great conquest in the world of mobile games.