Social games publisher and developer RockYou has announced a partnership with Peak Games in order to localize its games for new markets across the Middle East.

Things will kick off with new, localized versions of Zoo World 2 being made available in Turkey, as well as other countries across the region. Peak will serve as publisher of the game, handling localization, marketing, user acquisition, customer support, and community management. The localization will not only include translating the game into both Turkish and Modern Arabic, but also additional game enhancements specific to the culture the game is being released in.

“We realize that the best global approach is made up of a series of local approaches,” said Josh Grant, RockYou’s SVP and GM of Studio Partners. “So we’ve chosen the strongest partner for these regions in Peak Games: experts who can ensure that our games cater to their culture and audience through proper localization.”

Peak Games currently has more than 2.7 million daily active users and 9.1 million monthly active users across its portfolio of games, with the most popular being Okey, based on the Turkish tabletop board game of the same name.

“Working with RockYou enables us to bring engaging games to Turkey and MENA expanding the Zoo World community,” said Peak CEO Sidar Sahin. “We have a deep understanding of our markets and we’re able to tailor the game and offer support according to our audience’s expectations and needs.”

No other RockYou games have been announced as part of the deal.