Plushed Gold Fever to be a mini-game powered Wild West rescue!

Back in 2009, Blacksmith Games released a charming little platformer about a cuddly toy bunny called Plushed. Now, nearly two years later, the development team is going back to the world of stuffed animal adventures as they prepare for the imminent launch of Plushed Gold Fever.

In Plushed Gold Fever, you’ll take control of a single stuffed horse that’s out to find all of his plushed friends. His friends, it would seem, have been scattered in a variety of mine shafts by the evil Voodoo Mouse, and it’s up to you to track each and every one of them down.

Unlike the standard 2D platforming of the original Plushed, Plushed Gold Fever will combine three different game styles together to create a mini-game collection of sorts. Players will be able to play Gold Cart (a sidescrolling cart race), Gold Grabber (a timing-based claw game) and Gold Smasher (a match-3 game). In case you hadn’t gathered yet, this game features a lot of gold.

And why shouldn’t it? Plushed Gold Fever will be set in the Wild West after all, and that’s a period when America was whipped up in a gold fever all its own.

Plushed Gold Fever will be a freemium release, so you may find yourself wanting to pony up some gold of your own for in-app purchases. Players will be able to unlock items that will help them in their quest by spending “Plushed Coins” in the in-game shop. You’ll be able to earn these for free as you play, but if you’re the impatient type, Blacksmith Games is happy to let you purchase with your hard-earned dough.

Plushed Gold Fever

Plushed Gold Fever

Plushed Gold Fever

With over 30 plush toys to collect, 70 Game Center achievements to unlock, and the same great mix of hand drawn graphics and 2D animations that made Plushed so endearing, Plushed Gold Fever is shaping up to be a freemium release that should be well worth the initial download.

Catching a bad case of gold fever from reading out preview? Don’t worry – Blacksmith Games is aiming to have this one on the App Store in the next few weeks.