Magic Land – Game Introduction

Magic Land is a city building simulation game on Facebook with a magical twist. This guide will help you familiarize yourself with the game and provide you with tips to maximize your time spent in the game.

Quick Start Guide

Magic Land

Navigating the Screen

Magic Land

  • The top of the screen is where you will find your diamond balance, gold balance, food supply, energy, and your current level and experience.
  • On the left side of the screen you will find your current quests as well as the gift box icon that allows you to send gifts to your friend.

Magic Land

  • The bottom toolbar is where you will find your neighbors and on the bottom right is where you will find your tools (move, sell, place road), your inventory, and the shop where you can purchase houses, farming items, decorations, energy, and special items.


  • Diamonds: Diamonds are used for purchasing exclusive items in the game. You can also use diamonds to buy items or neighbors for quests and energy refills. Diamonds are purchased using Facebook credits but you may also earn them in the game occaisionally.
  • Gold: Gold is the currency of Magic Land. Gold can be earned in a variety of ways. For more information please see the section on earning gold below.
  • Food: You will need to provide food to the homes in your kingdom if you want to earn gold. You can get more food by planting and harvesting crops. For more information please see the section on farming below.
  • Energy: Energy is used to preform actions in the game. Each action costs one energy point.
  • Experience: Experience is earned by completing goals, performing actions, and various other tasks within the game. Once you have earned enough experience you will level up, unlocking new quests and items within the game.
  • Houses: Houses are where your citizens live. The more houses you build the more gold you will earn.
  • Farming: Farming is how you will grow crops to supply your houses with food.
  • Decorations: Use decorations to personalize your kingdom. Decorations also provide gold and food bonuses to farm plots and houses if they are placed close enough.
  • Specials: Specials are unique items or upgrades that can be purchased in the shop, such as castle upgrades.

Earning Gold

The first thing you will need to build a successful kingdom is gold, and lots of it. This section will provide information on how to earn gold and also how to maximize the amount you earn.

Magic Land

  • The quickest way to earn gold in Magic Land is by building houses.
  • The more houses you have in your kingdom, the more gold you will earn.
  • Each house earns a different amount of gold at a different rate. To see what that rate is, hover over the house in the shop. For example, the Peasant House earns gold at a rate of 29 gold every five minutes while the Fairy House earns gold at a rate of 216 gold every six hours.
  • Depending on the length of time you plan to play Magic Land each day, you will need to decide which houses will be the most profitable for you. If you play for an hour straight you can earn 348 coins from a Peasant House, but if you only play for a couple minutes here and there, houses that take longer to accrue gold but earn more may be the better option.

Magic Land

  • When a house has coin to be collected a money bag will appear in front of it.
  • Click on the house to collect the gold and then collect the gold that appears.
  • You can increase the gold you earn by placing decorations that offer gold bonuses near your houses.

Magic Land

  • To purchase a decoration, click on the shop button and then select the decoration tab.
  • Each decoration either offers a gold bonus or a food bonus. Hover over the decoration to see which bonus it offers as well as how much of a bonus it provides.
  • Gold bonuses currently range from one percent to 20 percent.
  • Once you’ve purchased a decoration you will see its bonus radius. Make sure the house(s) you wish to benefit from the bonus are within the radius.
  • You can also earn gold by defeating monsters, completing quests and visiting neighbors and performing tasks in their kingdoms.

Building houses

  • The first thing you need to do when you get ready to build a new house is make sure you have enough room for it.
  • If you do not have enough room, you will need to clear some land.
  • To clear land, click on the tree(s), rock(s) and/or weed(s) that you would like to remove. You may need to complete the action more than once to fully remove the item.
  • Collect any experience, energy, or items that might appear.
  • Now you are ready to go to the shop and select the houses tab.
  • There are many houses you can choose to build. Not all will be unlocked at this point though and some may be out of your price range.
  • Select the house you wish to build and then place it within your kingdom.

Magic Land

  • Click on the unfinished house the required number of times to build it.
  • Once you have completed the necessary number of actions you will need to finish the house using specific items that you hopefully have in your inventory.

Magic Land

  • If you are missing any of the required items, click on the unfinished house to bring up the required items screen.
  • Hover over the items to see where you can collect them from.
  • Most items can be found by collecting gold from houses, defeating monsters and completing quests.
  • You can ask your friends to send you items that you don’t have, or that you are having a difficult time finding.
  • You can also purchase items you need using diamonds if you have any.
  • Once you have all the necessary items, you can click on the finish button to complete your house.
  • Click on the completed house to send food supplies to it and now you just have to wait for it to earn coins.


  • You will need to provide food supplies to every house in your kingdom if you want them to earn coins.
  • A house will need to be replenished when it has first been built and after collecting coins from it. If a house needs food there will be a food icon in front of the building.
  • You will need to grow and store enough food to supply all the houses in your kingdom. To do this, you will need to farm.

Magic Land

  • To start your farm, click on the shop button and select the farming tab.
  • Purchase the farm plot and place as many plots as you’d like in your kingdom.
  • Once you’ve placed your plots you can either return to the shop or click on an empty plot to reopen the farming tab.
  • Choose the crop you wish to grow. Keep in mind that each crop provides a certain crop yield and takes a certain amount of time to grow. Choose the crop(s) that best fit your style of play.
  • Once you have chosen your crop, click on the plots you wish to plant.

Magic Land

  • Once a crop is ready to be harvested there will be a food icon on the plot. Click the plot to harvest the food. Then click on the food to send it to your food storage.
  • If you do not have enough storage space, you will not be able to harvest your crops.
  • To increase your storage you can go to the farming tab in the shop and purchase a granary, silo, and/or barn.
  • You can increase your crop yields by placing decorations that provide a food bonus.
  • Hover over items under the decoration tab in the shop to see which ones provide a food bonus and what the bonus amount is.
  • Food bonuses range from one percent to 18 percent.
  • Make sure that you pay attention to bonus radius, so that your crops fall within it.
  • You can also earn some additional food by harvesting crops at your neighbor’s kingdoms.

Magic Land

  • To provide food to houses simply click on a house that needs food. If you have enough in storage it will be immediately be delivered.

Earning Experience & Leveling Up

Magic Land

  • Experience is earned in numerous ways in Magic Land. Almost every task you preform will reward you with at least one experience point. These actions include the following: collecting gold, harvesting food, completing quests, defeating monsters, clearing land, and building houses.
  • Once you have earned enough experience you will level up.
  • Leveling up will unlock new quests and items to buy in the shop. You will also occasionally earn other rewards as well.

Defeating Monsters

  • Magic Land, being a magical land after all, does have monster invasions on occasion. You will need to fight the monsters off to keep your citizens safe.
  • Early in the game the only monsters you will run across are trolls and one very large dragon.
  • To engage a monster in battle click on it. You will need to fight it a certain number of times before it is defeated (a troll takes four clicks).
  • Once you have defeated the monster collect your experience and any gold or items that it may have dropped.
  • Many of the items you will need when building houses will be collected from the monsters roaming the land, so keep an eye out for them.

Maximizing Your Energy

  • You have a certain amount of energy that you can use. Every task you preform will use one energy point.
  • Once you have run out of energy you will either need to purchase an energy refill using diamonds, or you will need to wait for your energy to recharge.
  • Sometimes when you are preforming tasks you will earn a bonus energy point.
  • You can earn one energy point each day from each neighbor you have by visiting their kingdom.
  • Your energy pool will increase by one point when you level up.
  • When you level up your energy will be fully recharged.

Interacting with Neighbors

  • Having numerous neighbors is important for advancing in Magic Land. Many quests require the help of your neighbors to be completed.
  • Visit your friends daily to earn bonus coins, energy and experience.
  • You get five energy points to spend in each neighbor’s kingdom each day. You can use these points to collect gold, harvest crops or clear the land.
  • You can request items you need from your friends and you can also send them gifts.
  • To send a gift click on the gift box icon in the bottom left of your screen.
  • Select the gift you wish to send and then choose the friends you wish to send it to.
  • If you are lucky, they will send you a gift back.


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