iOracle challenges you to predict the future this October

Trivia games are full of questions, but they’re always questions that have answers you should already know. What if there was a trivia game that asked questions you shouldn’t know – or couldn’t know? That’s the premise behind iOracle, an upcoming trivia game that asks players to accurately predict the future.

Players in iOracle will predict actual real world events, and the accuracy of these predictions will earn or lose them “followers” at their temple. My instant gut reaction, as morbid as it might be, was “oh look! Big Blue Bubble found a way to digitize The Dead Pool.” Reading a little further though, it seems as though players will be predicting friendlier things instead of celebrity deaths or which nation will be the next to be rocked by a natural disaster/revolution.

iOracle iOracle

Each day will bring 5 to 10 new questions on things like sports, movies, and weather. While we’re not privy to any of the questions quite yet, we’re assuming they’ll be things like “will the Detroit Lions win this weekend?,” or “which movie will top the box office this weekend?”

Different followers will ask you different types of questions, so you’ll want to attract the kinds of followers who are most likely to ask you the types of questions you’ll feel most confident answering. To do this, you’ll be able to decorate your temple in different styles to appeal to different followers. In-app purchases will be available to help you with your temple customization, as well as avatar tweaking and simply getting past some of the game’s tougher questions.

iOracle will be launching on iOS, Android, and Facebook this October.