Use time travel to gain the advantage in this real-time strategy game

Imagine how effective military commanders could be if they had the ability to travel through time and change the past, issuing new commands to influence the future of the battle. In the upcoming real-time strategy game Achron you’ll get the chance to do just that.

Achron is set in the future, where humanity has just suffered a debilitating attack from a mysterious alien race. You are humankind’s first “Achronal” being, gifted with the ability to travel through time. Using this unique skill, you must discover the mysteries surrounding the alien invasion.

As the demo video below aptly demonstrates, Achron is unique among strategy games thanks to the player’s ability to manipulate the timeline of the battle. You can use “chrono energy” to return to the past and issue new orders to your troops to anticipate future attacks or sabotage enemy buildings and units, slow down and speed up time, and even send military units from the future back into the past as reinforcements.

Achron‘s single-player campaign features 35 levels and 3 unique factions offering 30-60 hours of gameplay. The game also features a multiplayer mode that allows up to 15 players in a game simultaneously, and a customizable game engine that lets players create their own maps and mods.

Achron will be available Aug. 29 on Steam.