Monster Mouth DDS lets your little tiny hands pull great big teeth on the App Store tomorrow

Dentists have a hard gig. Nobody ever wants to see them, and they rarely have good news to deliver. But imagine just how much more difficult their jobs would be if their patients weren’t meek and mild-mannered people, but big angry monsters? That’s the question posed by Monster Mouth DDS, the debut iOS title from Breaktime Studios.

Players will enter the mouth of a monster, dental tools in hand, and perform routine oral care as best they can – but they’ll have to act quick, or those monstrous jaws are going to slam shut! The more pain a player causes, the more likely that monster is to bite down before getting his problems addressed.

Mouth malaise for monsters can come in a variety of forms, from a lack of brushing to cavity care. Luckily, Breaktime is promising players will have all the tools they need at their disposal to address any situation.

Can’t wait to perform a root canal on Godzilla? Monster Mouth DDS will be hitting the App Store tomorrow, August 25th.