Bloody Bunnies is a hippity-hoppin’ game of multiplayer combat

If you ask any farmer about the most annoying pests they have to deal with, rabbits tend to sit somewhere at the top of the list. They chew up resources, get everywhere, and breed so fast that they’re pretty much impossible to wipe out. So, as the upcoming Bloody Bunnies points out, the best way to deal with these four-legged frustrations is to get them to take each other out.

The core concept behind this game is based around the notion of online death match gameplay, but it eschews the first-person perspective. Instead, it features side-scrolling platform mechanics where the bunnies jump on each other, Mario Bros. style. On top of this, the game is going to feature three different modes that can be played on a total of four different maps.

Visually, the game is set to feature some pretty epic 3D graphics on a 2D plane. As a result, the visuals look rather stunning, with both cute little rabbits and amazing environments. Of the maps, the winter landscape and waterfall laden cliffs look like they were pulled straight out of a painting.

Bloody Bunnies

Bloody Bunnies

Bloody Bunnies is due out on September 1st for the iOS App Store and Android Market. If you’re interested in picking up this game when it’s released, you may want to head over to the official site and check out the online demo.