Tiny Heroes looks to offer big tower defense fun later this month

The iPhone has seen a lot of great tower defense games over the last few years, but if you were to ask any TD enthusiast, they’d easily put Critical Thought Games’ geoDefense series in their top 10. Now the man behind those games has teamed up with Simutronics (the folks behind Facebook’s fantastic Fantasy University) for another tower defense outing, and it looks like it might just be the App Store’s best TD yet.

If you were an avid PC gamer about 15 years ago, you no doubt remember the Peter Molyneux designed Dungeon Keeper. A game about protecting your treasure by building your own dungeon and by filling it with traps and monsters, this seminal PC release seems to be the spiritual forefather to Tiny Heroes. Players in Tiny Heroes will place all sorts of traps around a dungeon to protect their booty from wave after wave of heroes. In theme, the two games are indistinguishable.

Of course in terms of gameplay, things are entirely different. Tiny Heroes appears to follow a structure similar to most modern tower defense games, but amps up the variety by offering more than 35 types of defenses for players to choose from and 50 levels of dungeon to play through, as well as additional elements like unlockable challenges and spells.

The game’s art style also appears to be a huge selling point, with cutesy bug-eyed heroes attempting to traverse a dungeon filled with silly traps and charmingly detailed minions.

Simutronics is aiming to have this one on the App Store by the end of the month, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming review!