There was a time not so long ago where the game you bought was the game you got. Sure, you might be lucky enough to get a patch from the developer if there was a critical bug or some other such nonsense – but even so much as five years ago, free regular content releases seemed like a laughable idea. Thankfully, we don’t live in the world of five years ago. Need proof? Bolt Creative has just released Pocket God‘s 40th free content update.

There are a lot of titles out there that release a lot of celebrated free content updates – Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja – but even combined, these big releases haven’t come close to a full 40 updates. Really, it’s a staggering number. Since its release in January 2009, that averages out to more than one a month. And that doesn’t even count things like Pocket God: Journey to Uranus or Pocket God Comics, which have both seen content updates of their own.

“Without the undying support of our fans, Pocket God could never be where it is today, and we truly thank each and every person from the community for their support and for allowing us to continue working on this dream project of ours,” said Dave Castelnuovo, CEO of Bolt Creative. “We’ll continue developing new updates to the game, listen and take suggestions from Pocket God devotees, and maintain our status as the number one content provider on the App Store.”


Titled “Battle of the Gods,” Bolt claims this 40th episode to be the game’s biggest update yet. Players will use the God Idols that were introduced in Episode 39 to visit God Island and do battle with one of forty different gods. Different god idols have different attacks, offering up a rock, paper, scissors style battle structure. Players will also now have the option to purchase a Mafia skin pack for 99 cents, which will re-theme the game with things like a New York City skyline and cement shoes for the statue of Sand Island.

Wondering what’s next for Pocket God? This much is certain: god battles are here to stay, as Bolt Creative is promising one new god and one new idol in each new update going forward.