We’ve been excited for Cloudforest Expedition, the debut game from John Romero’s new social games studio Loot Drop, ever since it was announced. But up until now we’ve only had brief glimpses of the game provided by a steady streem of art released by the developers. However, it looks like soon we’ll be able to finally see Cloudforest in action with a debut trailer … but there’s a catch.

The trailer will be available over on the game’s fan page, but you won’t be able to watch it until Cloudforest manages to rack up 5,000 “Likes” for the page. At the time of this writing it’s sitting at just over 600, so there’s quite a ways to go.


So what are you waiting for! There’s a reason we included Cloudforest in our list of games to be excited for this summer. Not only is it the debut release from an exciting new studio, but it also comes to us from some of the creative minds behind the excellent Ravenwood Fair. So head on over and “Like” the page so that we can all catch an early glimpse.