Yesterday we reported on the news that The Sims Social was finally live on Facebook. But if you followed the link you might have not believed us, since the game has since been taken down and replaced with an image that lists it as “Coming Soon – Undergoing Beta Testing.” However, according to EA the downtime is only temporary so you should be able to get back to your sims in no time.

It appears to be nothing more than a case of first-day jitters, but for those of you who did get a chance to play the game, however briefly, yesterday, rest assured that your games won’t be reset. Here’s the statement directly from EA, as posted on the Playfish forums:

The Sims Social is currently in Open Beta, which means we’re calibrating and fine-tuning to ensure you will have the best playing experience possible. Please bear with us while we fix some of the issues that some of you have been having, during which time the game may be unavailable from time-to-time. Rest assured that we will not be resetting the game during this maintenance period, so you won’t lose any progress, SimCash, or relationships that you have built up so far.”

There’s no word, however, on when the game will be up and running once again.