With his like Zoo World 2 and Gourmet Ranch under its belt, many gamers are probably wondering what’s next from the team at RockYou. Though no substantial details are available, rumors are surfacing that the developer’s next game will be called Hooked.

Unfortunately, the name is all we have at this point. It comes by way of Fusible, which reports that RockYou recently filed a trademark for the name Hooked. The trademark was filed on August 2. But the game hasn’t been officially been announced, nor is it definite that it is indeed a game that will be released. We reached out to RockYou and received the following statement:

“We don’t comment on trademark applications.”

No surprises there. But if it is indeed the company’s next game hopefully we’ll be hearing about it some time soon. In the meantime, RockYou is hard at work with its new publishing division, which will be working with the team at Loot Drop to release Cloudforest Expedition on Facebook later this summer.