When Hothead Games release Kard Combat last month, we were gushing like school girls (with a backpack full of Magic: The Gathering cards). Now, only a month after its initial release, Hothead has released the game’s first major update. Version 1.2 doubles the number of available mages from 4 to 8, effectively doubling the amount of content in the game.

Now available alongside the game’s initial four mages – Holy, Death, Machine, and Dominator – players will be able to play as the new Demon mage, Chaos mage, Deception mage, or Arcane mage. As is the case with the original mages, each new mage will have their own unique cards to play with.

Players who had previously opted for the full unlock in-app purchase will gain access to all of these mages for free. If that’s not the route you went with previously, you can purchase the four new mages individually for 99 cents, or as an expansion bundle for $2.99.

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In addition to the new mages, version 1.2 adds in a new Challenge mode for those looking to conquer unique scenarios, as well as a timed multiplayer mode to replace the game’s previous asynchronous multiplayer. Probably a good move, though I’m sure some players will lament the change. Other little tweaks like bug fixes, new sound options, and improved graphics have all snuck into version 1.2 as well.

If you’re looking for more content, Hothead is promising to release the Oracle card for all players once Kard Combat hits 1000 Facebook fans. As of this writing they’re sitting at 478. Not a fan yet? Do your part to help the Kard Combat faithful pick up a brand new freebie by liking their fan page here!