Zombie Minesweeper brings a touch of love (and the undead) to a classic puzzle formula

If you’re like me, you’ve probably wiled away untold hours in front of your computer mastering Minesweeper. But if you’re really like me, you probably also sat there and said, “You know what this needs? A story. And zombies.” Good news: this is finally happening thanks to Frogtoss Games’ first iOS release, Zombie Minesweeper: A Love Story.

Here’s the basic premise: during a trip to meet up with her boyfriend for a romantic getaway, a delightfully snarky young woman finds herself trying to survive the zombie apocalypse long enough to play another game of tonsil hockey with her beloved.

Zombie Minesweeper Zombie Minesweeper

As a result, the young lady finds herself running through over thirty levels and avoiding fourteen different types of zombies as she continues her journey. The gameplay looks like it’s going to be instantly familiar to anyone who ever played Minesweeper. However, there’s also going to be power-ups to discover and hordes of zombies to blast.

The graphics look pretty fantastic, too, with cartoon-like visuals being presented from an isometric perspective. On top of that, it looks like there’ll be a great mix of environmental settings to make the destruction of the World of the Living all the more adorable.

Zombie Minesweeper: A Love Story is due out in the App Store on August 9.