When we first reported on Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles back in March, it was then going by the much easier to type title of Blackstar. New moniker asides, we’re delighted to report that Star Legends seems to be moving from production phase to deployment, as the game has recently become available on Android – though admittedly in beta form.

Available as a free download and working on Android devices running iOS 2.0 or higher, Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles will eventually make its way to the Apple App Store for players sporting iOS devices. In the meantime, players on Android devices will have early access to this 3D sci-fi MMO from the makers of Pocket Legends.

While the developers are asking that players please remember this is a beta version and that they may run into bugs or other issues, it’s hard to think of any game at launch as anything other than a beta nowadays. We live in a world of post-release patches, and Star Legends is no exception.

Wondering how this space-faring MMO plays? Download it from the Android Market now, and be sure to check back with Gamezebo soon for our full review!