Eternal Destiny brings anime-style MMOs to Facebook

The team Gravity Interactive is best known for its massively multiplayer browser RPGs, the biggest being Ragnarok Online. But for the developer’s next release, Eternal Destiny, it’s eyeing a new platform: Facebook.

The anime-style game has what sounds like a in-depth, if not overly complex, story involving multiple realms and a God of Chaos who, well, loves to cause some chaos. And naturally you and the thousands of other players in the game will be there to stop him. You’ll be able to play until level 30 in the game before you need to choose a realm to play in.

Eternal Destiny

Eternal Destiny

Along the way you’ll do battle with evil monsters and take on quests to help out townsfolk. As with all MMOs, there’s a heavy multiplayer component that lets you either join or create a guild so that you can adventure alongside other players.

Eternal Destiny is set to hit Facebook on August 11.